Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tomorrow I'll be flying on Virgin America Flight 334 at 7:45am from San Francisco to Los Angeles and there will be inflight internet. I'll be unlocking badges for those that need them.

If I don't get to yours right away, I will be sure to do so on my next flight.

Here is the button for payment.

So one day I was using Go Go In flight internet on one of my leisure flights and I get bombarded with all sorts of unlock requests on twitter from people who don't have access and want the Foursquare Mile High Badge Unlocked. People sent me their login info. I did a few, but I got more requests after I landed.

So anyways I am making this available to those of you who need your badges unlocked.

This doesn't come free of course. I see a demand for something, and can provide the supply, but are you willing to pay.

I have unlocks for $5 each. Click on the button below to take you to a secure form on Paypal.

I know I may get some flack, but as an enterprising entrepeneur, I see the need to provide this service.